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The idea for an agricultural craftmensschool finds its origin in the wish of the Masai Mara to be independent from tourism and unilateral agriculture development since the turning point from nomadic existence to their permanent domicile.

One of the most important and effective initial means of achieving this, is education. Education helps to create more livelihood and independence. To realize this school / orphanage, the nes education society was founded in the Netherlands and the nes education society foundation was established in Kenya. Both with a board and working groups.

The foundation aims to offer better training opportunities in the broad sense of the word in developing countries, starting with Kenya.

Sub-objectives are:

• the realization of the aforementioned school annex orphanage;

• providing 'scholarships' to motivated students designated by the board (the Nes Pearls);

• facilitating the education of disadvantaged groups such as orphans and girls through special projects (the orphanage and providing washable sanitary pads);

• the interest of Dutch companies to invest in startups in Kenya.

The foundation has currently provided six 'scholarships' and gives priority to the foundation of the school annex orphanage. A plan and a budget have been drawn up for this. With a high budget of € 316,400 the budget made that the foundation focuses on establishing a school with 2 classrooms in 2018 (estimated at a total of € 138,200). From this phase, the school will be expanded in phase 2 to 7 classrooms in 2020.

Fundraising activities have started in both the Netherlands and Kenya.

You can view and / or download the NES project plan here.

You can view the NES projectplan here and download the plan


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